Flying Carpet

A rug of algae, rocks and sand
It lays upon the shore
Blending gently with the land
So none suspect it’s more
Upon approach, though, it takes flight
Like waves upon the air
This magic carpet moves as one
As if one mind it shares
This unreal beauty in the wind
It whips around with care
Diving, gliding, billowing
It twists and turns and soars
It huddles closely to the surf
So none suspect it’s more
It chirps and flutters
Flaps and sings
Then loops around before
At last it lets its tired wings rest
This rug upon the shore

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Writer. Actor. Director. Chalk artist. YouTuber. Nerdfighter. Traveler. Pansexual. Genderfluid. Millennial. Socialist. Living a complex life beyond those words.

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