Vagina Dentata (and my new hat)

So yesterday, I had plans to hang out with James – aka aslanenlisted on YouTube, aka Adam (his given name, which I only list because I need to point out thatTHERE ARE TOO MANY ADAMS ON YOUTUBE!) – after he got off work. Unfortunately, he had to work longer than expected, so those plans were canceled. A while after he called to cancel, he called me up again – he realized he wasn’t going to have time to do his VlogTag video. For those who don’t know, and don’t want to search through the archives of this blog, VlogTag is a collaborative YouTube channel I participated in during the months of April (with Skye) and June (with Mary Kate).

Anyway, he asked me to substitute for him. This is the result, including a phone call from his partner – founding VlogTagger Nikki – that came right as I was recording the video:

The video was finished and uploaded right quick. It was processed by the midnight deadline (a rare feat for me, as anyone who’s accustomed to watching my oh-so-late videos knows). Unfortunately, it was processed and rejected for being too long. YouTube seemed to think my four minute video was eleven minutes long. It continued to think this, even after re-saving the file, for another four uploads. Finally, after I fell asleep during one upload, I woke up and managed to upload one that didn’t fail. I swear, YouTube hates me.

I feel I should address the “Vagina Dentata” song. It’s become kind of an in-joke with the folks I hang out with on Stickam, but it originated from a webcomic called Queen of Wands. Actually, as you can see from reading the specific strip I got the song from, I wasn’t quite remembering the whole thing correctly:

In other news: as the video makes blatantly obvious, I got a new hat! I got it at John Helmer Haberdasher – the same place I bought my other hat five and a half years ago – and left the old hat with them for cleaning and repairs. I should have the old one back by the end of September, at the latest, and then I’ll have two hats to choose from!

I bought the new hat while I was down in Portland helping record an event called The Human Canvas Project, put on by Sad Music For Happy Humans (whose music I frequently use in my videos). The show involved a stage full of women ranging from mostly to completely unclothed, painted head to toe in white makeup, dancing to SMFHH music while moving images were projected onto them. It was an absolute blast. Fun people to be around, great opportunities for gorgeous shots, excellent music…and just an overall kickass show. There’ll be a DVD made, which I highly recommend people pick up as soon as its available.

Vlogtag was a collaborative YouTube channel made by members of the global Nerdfighteria community. Initially strangers, a solid group of friends was formed from an experiment in getting to know new people through vlogging.

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