[Vlogtag] Homesick Monday improvises

I was supposed to bus/train Southward three or four times this week, but everything was going wrong. I lost (and thankfully eventually found) a $700 check (without which, travel was kind of…not an option). I spent most of the week trying to work out my computer woes, and then in addition to feeling too stressed to figure out transportation at the last minute, I got sick. FAIL. Fuck Adam’s Irksome Life.

I’ve uploaded the video my dad sent me precisely as he edited it – every time I tried to edit it slightly differently, it just didn’t seem to have the same feel. He made a good video, which means I’ve successfully infected his miiiiiiiind! MWAHAHA! 😀

This wasn’t the only video I uploaded today, however. I can’t let my dad have all the fun, so I also uploaded a video all my own – plus a blooper reel, to boot.

Vlogtag was a collaborative YouTube channel made by members of the global Nerdfighteria community. Initially strangers, a solid group of friends was formed from an experiment in getting to know new people through vlogging.

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