The Alien’s Perspective: Frost Park Season 3, Episode 11

[Featured Post] The Alien's Perspective: Frost Park, Season 3, Episode 11
Photo by Kevin Freitas -

Photo by Kevin Fretias

The Frost Park Chalk-Off was in full force today, after weeks of low participation and rainy weather.

Arriving a little bit late, I initially had some difficulty finding a good place to chalk. many of the choice spots were already filled, some by the usual Frost Park veterans and others by faces I didn’t recognize.

I pulled out my camera to begin vlogging and discovered, to my dismay, that the battery had somehow been drained from the nearly full status I had last left it at. Luckily, Frost Park veteran Joel 413 was kind enough to lend me his camera, so there will indeed be video up later, as I catch up with editing a month’s worth of Frost Park videos.

There was a general theme of bicycles this week as many artists attempted to pander to Frost Park’s latest sponsor, the Tacoma Twilight Criterium Bike Race. There was an additional, accidental theme of fish as artists also pandered to the prize Tacoma Twilight Criterium offered: two gift cards, totalling $40, to Two Koi Japanese Cuisine.

For my own drawing, I opted to go against the theme. Being my first time really putting effort into chalking since I got sick in early May, I preferred to just start drawing and see what my imagination churned out. Having just launched on Monday, promoting the site turned out to be the foremost thought in my head.

My roommate, Stuart Dempster of Treefish Studios, drew a piece he titled “Bass-Akwards”, a reversal of the traditional depiction of a little fish being eaten by a bigger fish, in turn being eaten by a still bigger fish, etc. Dempster stated that it was a commentary on the BP oil disaster.

Voting to determine the winner of the chalk-off is open to all, via the comments of this week’s Frost Park Chalk Off event thread on A free FeedTacoma account is required, and it is highly recommended that voters specifically use the word “vote” to indicate their choice, as otherwise it is often unclear as to whether the comment is a vote or simply an observation.

"Bass-Akwards" by Stuart Dempster. Photo by Kevin Freitas -

"Bass-Akwards" by Stuart Dempster. Photo by Kevin Freitas.

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