R.R. Anderson draws Adam the Alien action figure

Behold the Adam the Alien action figure!

Today I received the honor of being immoratlized by the great cartoonist and founder of the Frost Park Chalk-Offs, the mighty R.R. Anderson.

Anderson draws a Tacoma-centric political cartoon called The Tacomic. Throughout the Tacomic’s four years of existence, the “Tacoma Action Figure” has been a recurring theme.

Anderson uses the feature to portray significant Tacoma personalities as action figures, complete with special accessories and actions depicting notable characteristics of their persona.

While I’ve been included in Anderson’s comic once before, as part of a group of Frost Park regulars, this is the first time I’ve had an honor like this bestowed upon me.

"Tacoma Action Figure: Adam the Alien" by R.R. Anderson

Adam the Alien is probably the coolest and most popular person I know. He is another one of those MILLION PROJECTS AT ONCE folk heroes I’ve come to admire over the years during my humble, hyper-local political cartooning service.  Let this TACOMIC stand as a thank you for all of Adam the Alien’s hard video-editing work assisting C.L.A.W. and C.L.A.W. Members alike. Let this TACOMIC stand as a celebration for the launching of AdamtheAlien.com… And finally Let this TACOMIC stand as an OFFICIAL RECOGNITION OF HONOR for his ferocious Friday Frost Park Chalk Off devotion.

If you have a video problem, If no one else can help, and if you can find him, maybe you can hire Adam the Alien. [cue intro theme]

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  1. Awesome stuff

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