Adam the Alien: The Webcomic, Page Two: Grounded


This strip is still in draft form. I haven’t had time to perfect it, yet, but I committed to uploading a strip every Saturday, and it’s already pretty late in the day. Check back later for the more polished version.

OMG! It's Adam the Alien: DA WEBCOMIC!

This one proved more of a challenge than I expected, and most of the challenge was in the word balloons. I’ve never done word balloons on a computer before (you may notice that I avoided them in the first strip), and they were a lot harder to make than I expected.

Finding a good font is hard enough, but I ended up having to create the word balloons from my sister’s house, where I had agreed to babysit for the night. Creating the word balloons wold have been difficult enough, for a beginner, on my usual computer with my handy-dandy Wacom tablet…but for this strip, I was forced to create those balloons using the touchpad (touchpads are vile, evil things) on an old computer that chugs along at its own slow pace before deciding to freeze and crash.

In any case, for those who can’t identify all the aliens in the bottom panel (and there will be a couple more in the final version of this strip), here they are from left to right:

Tune in next week! And if you missed the first strip, be sure to go back and check it out!

– Adam the Alien

[Edit: Oh, and for two hours this damn comic didn’t even work, apparently. It was showing up on my sister’s laptop, but nobody else could see it. The problem is now fixed, but…yeesh!]

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