[Adam the Alien: The Webcomic] Page Three: Gloating


Every time I look at the expression on the robot's face in the last panel, I giggle like a schoolgirl.

Saturday comes again, and for the second week in a row, I find myself uploading what I consider an unfinished product. In fact, this one is less fine-tuned than last week’s! I really need to start drawing these earlier than Friday night. 😀

This strip sees the introduction of Scribbington, a character named after and very loosely based on an A.I. program developed by my friend Tenach. My Scribbington is a bit more coherent than the original, but expect him to occasionally spout off with phrases like those you can find on the Scribbington A.I.’s Twitter feed.

Adam was originally going to talk back to Scribbington, but I’m kind of enjoying the fact that the titular character hasn’t said anything so far, and we’re three pages in. I don’t think I can keep him silent for much longer, but I’m tempted to see just how long I can get away with it. Lord knows Scribbington’s likely to be chatty enough for both of them.

Hopefully I will have time in the coming week to clean this strip and the previous strip up a bit, but priority will go to making next week’s comic. I’ve got to keep to my schedule, right?

-Adam the Alien

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2 thoughts on “[Adam the Alien: The Webcomic] Page Three: Gloating

  1. Best one so far.
    Maybe you work best under pressure.

    What if he never spoke and his current manifestation was strictly observer?

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