[Adam the Alien: The Webcomic] Page four DELAYED


Long story short, a lot of technical difficulties – in computer and body and brain – are forcing today’s comic to go up late. It should be up tomorrow. Today has been a series of epic fails.

Edit: Okay, things keep coming up, so I’m gonna call this week a fail. But, as my friend Bobby has pointed out repeatedly, failure is not such a bad thing. It can even be the key to success. So no comic this week, but check in again next week and I’ll be sure to have the next page up!

Edit the Second: If you haven’t figured it out by now, the comic has been on indefinite hiatus. This is primarily due to having to prioritize paying work first. It is now November 17, 2011, and it’s been just over a year since the last post. I’ve had a mostly completed fourth comic sitting on my hard drive this whole time, and so many future comics still in my head. I am coming back to it, and soon, but I’ll make no promises on exact dates.

– Adam the Alien

Writer. Actor. Director. Chalk artist. YouTuber. Nerdfighter. Traveler. Pansexual. Genderfluid. Millennial. Socialist. Living a complex life beyond those words.

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