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I haven’t made an animated GIF since the days of dial-up. This archaic, yet wonderfully nostalgic, bit of Internet culture seems to have made a resurgence since its near demise in the early aughts. No, I don’t count the continued existence of animated GIFs on 4chan and Myspace as a continued existence. We will not speak of either site – much less the horrendous use of awful animations on said sites – again. From my personal point of view, animated GIFs all but ceased to exist (relatively speaking) for nearly a decade, with Flash animation and streaming video taking their place on most websites.

With the advent of Tumblr, reddit and similar sites, the animated GIF seems to have returned with a vengeance. Better still, the GIFs being produced are quality, and largely appealing for me to look at (as opposed to the disgusting or seizure-inducing GIFs at the sites I said I we wouldn’t speak of again…yes, I am aware that I’m breaking my own rule).

So I decided to try my hand at making an animated GIF again, in the age of high-speed Internet and fancy-schmancy software. I took a snippet of my adorable niece, Annora, from the very end of my latest Vlogtag video, and the result was, well…this GIF.

Thoughts? Input?

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  1. Ah yes… the ‘ol animated gif thingy. I think they are making a big comeback, especially in the discussion forums as most of these will accept the gif format as avatar photos… and an animated avatar is always preferable to a static photo. Trick is to keep the file size as tiny as possible. Have you noticed the cool “loop” bumpers lately on adult swim? I remember the days before java and flash when animated gifs were the only choice for moving stuff on websites. Great job! So it appears the cupcake put up a valiant fight but was no match for a treat-loving child! Cute!!!

    Little Girl: 1
    Cupcake: 0


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