For the last three months, I’ve been pretty heavily involved with Occupy Tacoma. It’s a movement I believe in, and a movement that I don’t think is going away anytime soon. Unfortunately, between my involvement in the movement, assorted client work and various personal crises (man, the plural for “crisis” really doesn’t look like a real word), I haven’t had a whole lot of time to work on personal videos.

That includes this one: an emotional montage of Occupy Tacoma’s October 15th march and rally, organized in conjunction with Occupy events all over the world for a global day of action. The rally concluded with the beginning of Tacoma’s physical occupation of Pugnetti Park, which Occupy Tacoma renamed Occupation Park.

With the movement on a bit of a slow pace, hampered by the dead of winter, I hope this look back at October will help reinvigorate some of those who have gone into hibernation mode until spring. And I hope everyone reading this, who lives anywhere near Tacoma, will come out to the Union Station Federal Courthouse on January 20th for our Occupy the Courts action. For more information on that and other future Occupy events, keep an eye on

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