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In case you haven’t heard, I’m involved in a webseries project called Cleanthony and the Caesars. The brainchild of Kristie Worthey, best known for heading Shakespeare in the Parking Lot Tacoma (now being re-imagined as Inside Out Shakespeare) lo these many years, Cleanthony and the Caesars is a modern-day adaptation both Julius Caesar and Antony and Cleopatra. The characters are recast as corporate executives and lawyers, and the series is shot in a black and white, largely film noir tone.

In late 2012, we shot footage for the concept trailer at the top of this post. The concept trailer’s purpose is to show you what we want to do. To actually do it, we need funding. To that end, we’ve been running a Kickstarter campaign since the start of January. With 18 days left to go, we still have a long way to go to reach our $25,000 goal.

Just working on the trailer has been an incredible experience, and I know that this will be a great webseries once we get it rolling. Kristie’s entertained crowds with Shakespeare plays for years, and she has a lot of excellent ideas as she moves in this new direction with her work.

Help us make this a reality. If you can, donate. Even if you can’t, share the link to everybody you know. I’m especially hoping to get the support of Tacoma and Nerdfighteria in this. Nerdfighters, this is something you’ll love. Whether you’re already into Shakespeare already or not, this is something I genuinely believe you will love. You’ve made The Lizzie Bennet Diaries a hit sensation, now help us get Cleanthony and the Caesars off the ground.

And as for you Tacomans out there: this is a local, hometown project. Tacoma is full of beautiful locations, from the more obvious places like the waterfront to magnificently cinematic alleyways that people rarely notice. We’re taking full advantage of the whole spectrum of Tacoma with this project. And I know, if we have the support of Tacomans, we can make this happen. Just in recent months, Tacoma has funded the Tacoma Playing Cards, the Tacoma Brewing Company, and saved the Blue Mouse Theatre. You’ve gone the extra mile and exceeded all the funding goals, even the Blue Mouse’s jaw-dropping $75,000 goal. You’ve been positively superheroic in supporting your city, and I hope you’ll help Cleanthony and the Caesars be part of the incredible legacy of the city I love so much.

Support Cleanthony and the Caesars! Donate and spread the word!

Keep track of the webseries and its progress by following Inside Out Shakespeare:

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