After spending yesterday afternoon with my brother and the dogs at Knight’s Bridge Park, I came home and went about my business, thinking the part of the day in which I take pictures and footage of pretty things while relaxing with nature was over. It seems, however, that Mother Nature had a bit more beauty and relaxation in mind for me.

I walked into the kitchen in search of some fruit, and there found myself startled that the entire world – inside and out – seemed to have a supernatural orange glow to it. It looked like I’d crossed over into some alternate plane, one inhabited by ghosts, spirits, and strange orange hues.

It seems, after a beautifully sunny day filled with wonderfully puffy clouds, the skies now had some painting to do. With a rainstorm visible in the East and a setting sun casting glorious colors from the west, those puffy clouds were performing a dazzling show as they reflected the sunset down on everything from above.

My brother and I both headed out with our cameras to capture the moment, him taking still shots and me alternating between stills and footage. To be honest, though, I don’t think any kind of camera could possibly have captured the surreal beauty to its fullest effect. Only one of my photos barely got a bit of the amazing rainbow hiding in the otherworldly haze. I’ve seen a lot of sunsets, but this was an unusually gorgeous one.

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