Where is my farm?

Part of the reason I’ve been looking for jobs/ways to make money is that finding a farm is proving very difficult. I haven’t gotten a single reply back. It seems there are many many folks applying, but fuck.

My farm resume is better than the vast majority (since most are college kids with no experience at all), but they’re getting deluged with hundreds of applicants. How can I get them to see that I want this? That I want to be in the middle of nowhere, working on a farm? That I have skills and need far less training than others. That I’m older/more mature, but not too old to work like a workhorse?

Seriously, from what I’ve seen both woofers and farms saying, I am freaking ideal. But if they don’t read my emails (and they do say “email first”) what am I supposed to do?

How can I have time to find this when, very soon, I’m just going to spending most of my time trying to figure out where I’m going to sleep?

This is my moment of “I’m kind of stressing about this.” I really want to just get on a farm at this point. Even if it is not ideal. But I can’t search like that, or it will show through. I have to keep just going for the ones I’m serious about.

And hope.

Nevyn Nowhere is an Oregon-born, Maui-living musician producing work under the umbrella title of Sad Music for Happy Humans. Originally posted on Nevyn’s personal blog, this is reposted here, with minor editing, with his direct permission. You can find Nevyn Nowhere on WordPress and Soundcloud, in addition to his website.

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