“Fedoras Are Awesome” one of 2013’s most hated videos


Adam’s “Fedoras Are Awesome” makes it onto the “Most Hated Videos of 2013” list put out by “What’s The Big Deal?” with Annie Gaus.

While browsing the Interwebs last night, I discovered that my much-maligned “Fedoras Are Awesome” video found its way onto a “Most Hated Videos of 2013” list put out by What’s The Big Deal? (formerly Tech Feed News) with Annie Gaus. I couldn’t keep myself from laughing when I saw the video. I got a huge kick out of the hilarious way my video is presented. And though “Fedoras Are Awesome” has accumulated 17,882 dislikes at the time of this posting, I did get at least one thumbs up from Gaus herself.

Many thanks to to Annie Gaus & What’s The Big Deal? for giving me a good laugh to close out the year. And an even bigger thanks to the 17,882 haters who have done more good for my life and my YouTube channel than they realize over the course of 2013.

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3 thoughts on ““Fedoras Are Awesome” one of 2013’s most hated videos

  1. yeah you are way to cool to realize that hate its a bad base to get “fans” do something usefull with your life instead of being happy for 17,882 + 1 haters, thats kinda sad…. laters loser.

  2. Hey asshole. Take off the fedora and look in the mirror. You are not some rare gem who “people are just too stupid to understand”…

    You make other people feel uncomfortable with how cringe worthy you are. I cannot sit through the “fedora’s are awesome” video for man than 20 seconds without having to turn it off due to repulsion.

    You are not special, you are not unique. Anyone with any intelligence would be able to have some self awareness and be able to change their image to actually attract people instead of repulse them.

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