A video/vlog version of the previously posted poem, The Universe Isn’t Subtle (A Literal Metaphor In Real Time).

Still photography courtesy David Guthrie.

MUSIC: Virtutes Vocis by Kevin MacLeod.


Hello, Earthlings. You’re watching Adam the Alien, and today I’m going to read you a poem. I wrote a poem at Rainbow Gathering, and though I posted it to my website already, I haven’t really done a video about it. And, well, we are living in a video world and I am a video girl.

Anyway, I call the poem “The Universe Isn’t Subtle (A Literal Metaphor In Real Time)”.

[TRANSCRIPT SKIP: You can read the original text of the poem, read aloud in the video, in its original blog post.]

That’s all for today. I’m Adam the Alien and until next time, fare thee well.

And just in case you’ve missed my recent videos: a couple months ago I uploaded a video announcing the trip that I am currently on, and just a few days ago I upload a montage of…kind of a taste of what my journey across the country has been like so far.

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