Adam J. Manley

 The eponymous Adam the Alien from whom this site gets its name. Adam is a writer, a filmmaker, and an artist. He has been vlogging for over five years, making films and videos for over ten years, and has been writing and creating visual art, in some form, his entire life.


Nevyn Nowhere

A musician from Portland, Oregon, currently chronicling the journey to find the next phase in his life by moving to Maui with whatever he could carry. You can read more about him in his full bio.

Norman Tweeter

Norman Tweeter Productions is a puppet troupe based near Seattle, Washington. In addition to performing comedy skits, they review movies, books, and other media ranging from old, public domain works to brand new releases. You can find more about Norman Tweeter and its characters at their official website.


Vlogtag is a collaborative YouTube channel consisting of a group of friends getting to know each other better through video communication. You can find more information on Vlogtag’s full “Who’s Who” page.

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