Vlogtag is a collaborative YouTube channel whose creation was inspired by John and Hank Green‘s Brotherhood 2.0 project. It began in January 2008, founded by Nikki – a.k.a. xbr0kenb0ttle – and Manda – a.k.a. Mandarific.

Vlogtag’s first year – now dubbed “Vlogtag 1.0” – consisted of only two vloggers at a time, with a new duo replacing the old at the start of every month. Beginning in 2009, Vlogtag adapted its rules to allow a consistent cast of Vloggers to remain indefinitely, each with an assigned day.

Current Vlogtag Lineup

Monday: Adam the Alien

If you don’t know who this is, just browse around for a bit. You are, after all, on his website. Adam first appeared on Vlogtag during April of the channel’s first year, but his partner disappeared in the middle of the month. As a result, Adam was the first Vlogtagger to get a second month, appearing throughout June with Mary Kate.

Tuesday: Nikki

Co-founder of the Vlogtag channel, appearing in both January and August of Vlogtag 1.0. Nikki considers Vlogtag to be her baby, guiding and fostering it through all three years of its existence. After the channel tapered into inactivity after October 2008, Nikki rounded up a number of the year’s more active Vlogtag members to from Vlogtag 2.0, the version of the channel which ran during 2009.

Wednesday: Beth

Met most of the Vlogtaggers during Vlogtag 2.0’s 2009 run, then joined the channel in 2010 when James and Helen decided to share Sunday. Beth has a fondness for fairly random videos, usually including singing, lip syncing or incorporating a mish-mash of song lyrics into conversational spoken word. Beth was originally only going to be part of the Vlogtag 2010 lineup for half of the year, while James – the original owner of the Wednesday timeslot – was in England with Helen. During those months, however, Beth became an inseparable part of the Vlogtag family, and was allowed to remain a permanent member of the channel.

Thursday: Mary Kate

Originally appeared on Vlogtag during March of the channel’s first year, then again with Adam in June. She is adamant that her name does not contain a dash, resulting in a running gag in which the other Vlogtaggers refer to her as MdashK or simply Mdash. To compensate, she successfully managed to seed a new nickname in her friends’ minds, becoming Mary Kate WithASpace. Mary Kate is known for her love of science fiction, especially David Eick and Ronald D. Moore’s re-imagined Battlestar Galactica series. For most of Vlogtag 2.0, Mary Kate’s videos would often include a “BSG Corner” in which she would discuss the most recent episode of Battlestar Galactica, usually employing such phrases as “I don’t even know anymore, you guys. I just don’t know anymore.”

Friday: Leslie

First appearing as half of Vlogtag’s second pair of vloggers in February 2008, Leslie remained an active member of the Vlogtag community for the rest of the year. When offered a slot in Vlogtag 2.0’s initial lineup, she declined due to scheduling conflicts, but declared herself “Vlogtag’s Bitch”. In this self-assigned role, she often substituted for other Vlogtaggers when they couldn’t make a video of their own. The extra day left open by her absence was filled, for a time, by a series of videos in which the Vlogtaggers would complete a challenge issued the previous week, and then “tag” another member of the channel to complete a new challenge the next week. Due to time constraints, these videos slowly ceased to appear by mid-2009, and Leslie was again offered a permanent slot in Vlogtag’s lineup. This time, she accepted, and remains part of 2010’s lineup.

Saturday: Bobby

Bobby first appeared on Vlogtag 1.0 with Helen in July 2008. He is known for a long beard he refers to as “The Beard of Power”, and frequently engages in activities and challenges that set him apart. When Vlogtag 2.0 began,  he was in the midst of volunteering for a year with a relief organization, helping rebuild houses and tend to the needs of hurricane refugees. During Lent that year, he gave up living indoors, spending most of his time living and sleeping outdoors. Bobby is currently preparing to ride his bike across Florida as part of training for a larger bike tour around the southeastern United States.

Sunday: James and Helen

This adorable couple met each other as a direct result of Vlogtag’s existence. Helen – the only Vlogtagger to live outside of the United States – first appeared on the channel with Bobby during July 2008. James, who already knew a number of the Vlogtaggers through video chats on Stickam.com, first appeared during August with Nikki (this month was referred to as the “Awesome Age Gap” due to the frequently noted age difference between the vloggers). James and Helen would both appear later that year, taking up the Vlogtag mantle together during the month of October. When Vlogtag 2.0 began in 2009, James took the Wednesday slot while Helen took Sunday. Upon meeting in person at the 2009 Northwest YouTube Gathering, the pair began a romantic relationship. They visited one another as often as possible and, at the very end of 2009, James went to stay with Helen in England for six months. Since they would be in the same location, experiencing the same things, the couple decided to vlog only on one day for the first half of Vlogtag 2010. James asked Beth to substitute for him on Wednesday while he was in England, originally intending to reclaim his day when he returned to the States. Shortly before his return, however, James and Helen decided they would simply alternate Sundays whenever they were not together, and resume vlogging together whenever possible.

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