Frost Park: Glitter Bomb

Check out Destiny of the Gnome, the 2008 short film referenced in this video. To see photos from this week’s chalk-off, go to the official FeedTacoma.com event thread. Some of the footage used here was shot by the amazing Kevin Freitas. Check out his [...]

Filled with PRIDE!

¬†Pride. It’s more than just a word. It’s more than just a catchy title used for movements and festivals. It’s a matter of recognizing one’s own identity, one’s true self, and deciding that there’s nothing to be ashamed of [...]

Frost Park: Light and Dark

Today was a bright, beautiful day in Tacoma – the perfect day for a chalk-off. The turnout at the 14th week of this year’s Frost Park Chalk-Off was as spectacular as the artwork. Check out my photos below, then go take a gander at the other photos [...]

Dwarf Miner and the Indie Dev Grant

A screencap of Triston's debut game, Dwarf Miner. A drawing of Triston's Minecraft alter-ego. Does a drawing of an in-game persona count as a a self-portrait? Triston Hopkins is an aspiring video game developer. Most people just play games, but [...]

Frost Park: Good Friday

The Frost Park Chalk-Off kicks off it’s fifth year with a packed park and a proclamation from the Tacoma City Council. To see photos and the results of the voting, check out the official FeedTacoma thread. The background music in this video is [...]

Frost Park: Four Years Later

Four years after the Frost Park Chalk-Offs began, the Tacoma City Council issued a proclamation officially declaring April 6, 2012 – the first day of the fifth year of chalk-offs – Frost Park Chalk Day. I decided to take the opportunity to reflect [...]

Keep the Alien in Tacoma

"Fear$" – Chalk art by Adam the Alien, drawn at the pre-season Frost Park Chalk-Off on March 18, 2010. Photo by Kevin Freitas, originally found on KevinFreitas.net. Check out Kevin's site as well as FeedTacoma.com, home of the Frost Park [...]

Quick update from a tired zombie

Tired Zombie Adam winds down after a thrilling day zombifying Tacoma for the second annual Tacomapocalypse. If you missed the opening event on February 3rd, be sure to stop by Amocat Cafe all month long to check out the apocalyptic artwork! And check back [...]