First Night 2010

Happy New Year! Click on the links below to check out all the musicians featured in the video. Deborah Page Beehive Hey Marseilles Kirsten Wenlock All the music at the end is Kirsten Wenlock. The specific songs used under the montage were [...]

Back to where the sidewalk ends

Today, I was in heaven. I stepped off the bus on Commerce Street at Noon sharp. My hands shook with anticipation as I walked toward that familiar corner, the one I knew so well from many blissful Fridays throughout 2008. I rushed across the street, drawing [...]

Frost Park: a community built in chalk dust

Whenever I mention Frost Park, most people outside of the Tacoma blogosphere just stare blankly at me like I’m speaking Tralfamadorian. Most people in the Tacoma area have seen it. Many have stood inside it or walked through it without ever knowing. I [...]

The closing of Gringo de Loco

Gringo de Loco's official explanation for their sudden closure. For those that haven’t read it on the Spew, or on Kevin’s blog, Gringo de Loco – the “blues-inspired” Mexican restaurant on Pacific Avenue – is closing. [...]