Adam the Alien: Season 04

The Tacomapocalypse begins today!

This isn't in the show. If you want to see the amazing artwork that is, you'll just have to show up at Amocat Cafe tonight. The zombies cometh! Today from 4:30pm to 8:00pm, the undead shall roam the walls of Amocat Cafe. The Zombie Tacomapocalypse [...]


I’m finally a YouTube Partner! This was originally going to be included in my First Night 2011 video, which I’m still working on, but proved too long and didn’t quite fit anywhere in the video. Special thanks: Jonathan, [...]

The Alien’s white trash birthday

In which my birthday coincides with my household’s “White Trash Xmas” dinner. To see more snippets of my birthday – including some hilarious karaoke – as well as the rest of my week, check out my Vlogtag video from this week. [...]

Project for Awesome: Changing Channels

One video, two charities! Talking about the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention and community gardens dedicated to growing food specially intended as food bank donations. The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention The community garden I talk [...]

Movie quotes in Hell

Paul Fleece is a member of the NT Crew over at Norman Tweeter Productions. MUSIC My theme sequence is set to “Pluto VS. Neptune” by Driftless Pony Club. You can buy their album from DFTBA Records. The background music in this video is “Merry [...]

The Alien’s near-roadkill experience

Let me just say that I do not recommend playing chicken against a car, especially if, like me, you are not inside of another car. It hurts and stings! The videos about suicide that I mentioned: 2008 Project for Awesome Proudly Purple (Spirit Day 2010) Also, [...]