Adam the Alien: Season 04

NASA discovers life in California

For more accurate and in-depth information on GFAJ-1, the new form of life discovered in Mono Lake, California, check out the following links: NASA press release Gizmodo article Washington Post article NASA Science News (not affiliated with the Adam the [...]

Yoda was wrong

I really do feel that the “do or do not” idea is irresponsible to spread, as I feel it encourages the “failure is not an option” mentality. Without failure, we can’t learn. You can’t succeed without trying first. The [...]

Conan O’Brien for Pope!

Pope Coco would rock. This video also contains my views on streaming delays. I’m not even touching the international restrictions. We can discuss that later. Or in the comments. Whatever. I’m not picky. This video featured: Molly Lewis, informing [...]

Proudly Purple (Spirit Day 2010)

My friend Nikki made a much better Spirit Day video, which lists some jarring facts and describes what Spirit Day is. RESOURCES (PLEASE USE THEM): The Trevor Project To Write Love On Her Arms Time To Change (UK) I’m happy to fill in any more resources [...]