The Demolition of Zoar

The roof of Zoar Lutheran Church being slowly clawed away. A piece of my childhood is vanishing before my eyes. Zoar Lutheran Church, the church I grew up attending since before my memory of life began, is demolishing its old building. The building has stood, [...]

Wandering my hometown

On Wednesday, I spent the day in Canby. I went in to see if they were knocking down the old church I grew up attending, as its old building was scheduled for demolition. They had postponed, as there was (and still is) a lot more preparation to get done before [...]

A Familiar View

I’ve been working on establishing a better archive of stock footage for my projects, so tonight I took my camera out into one of the fields to film the sunset. It’s not the first, nor the last time, but I’m trying to get a variety of [...]

Mt. Hood at dusk

I was looking out the window tonight when I noticed that Mt. Hood look beautifully glorious in the pink light of the setting sun. So I immediately ran to get my camera and tripod, filmed the mountain for a bit and grabbed this shot. I think it turned out [...]

Sunset at Cedar Rock Farm

After spending yesterday afternoon with my brother and the dogs at Knight’s Bridge Park, I came home and went about my business, thinking the part of the day in which I take pictures and footage of pretty things while relaxing with nature was over. It [...]

Knights Bridge Park

I’ve been dogsitting my aunt’s dog, Tycho, recently, and both she and my brother were feeling particularly restless on this bright, sunny Oregon day. So this afternoon, my brother and I decided to take Tycho and Shadow, our family’s dog, on [...]