Jeff Klein

Captain Manley and Shannancy’s Shanty

Back in June, I made a promise: I swore that if I won a certain Frost Park Chalk-Off, I’d use the prize – ten Spanish doubloon replicas and a Mayan calendar medallion – to make a pirate-themed video. Now, at last, the promise is fulfilled. I [...]

Adam Responds: Pants for Gears

I’ve finally started a proper video response channel, with the ever so original name of AdamResponds. Here on, I’ll post all video responses along with the video that I’m responding to, so you won’t have to go looking [...]

[Vlogtag] Monday soup

Monday soup contains only the finest ingredients: Frost Park, chalk art, Molly Lewis, Chris Wright, turtles (and ninja-creating ooze), zombies, Obama, the Interrupting Kanye West meme, a discussion of McDonald’s pop culture (a la Pulp Fiction), dialogue [...]