Norman Tweeter at First Night

Photo by Sharon Styer First Night is easily my favorite event out of the entire year. Tacoma’s way of ringing in the new year surpasses any other in terms of sheer enjoyment, and this year was no exception. Every year, I try to drag more and more [...]

Zombie Tacomapocalypse

Back in February, there was a little event called the Zombie Tacomapocalypse. This video is long overdue. Remember, I’m competing in King of the Web, so please remember to vote ten times a day! LINKS: Treefish Studio Amocat Cafe Amocat Cafe on Facebook [...]

NT Crew Review: Green Lantern

The NT Crew – Paul and Gordon of Norman Tweeter Productions – attended the midnight showing of Green Lantern last night. They talk about the history of the film, the trailers, the characters and, of course, whether or not it’s a good movie [...]

Dick Tracy: A Book Look

The fine folks of Norman Tweeter Productions and I filmed this review back in October, but due to various circumstances were unable to complete it until now. (Circumstances include, but are not limited to: holidays, upgrading software mid-project, the fact [...]

R.R. Anderson harassed by puppets!

It may cause some confusion to know that there are, in fact, two active incarnations of Adam the Alien. One is very hairy, very nerdy and entirely human, and goes by the name of Adam J. Manley. The other is entirely hairless, still pretty nerdy but extremely [...]