[Vlogtag] Monday soup

Monday soup contains only the finest ingredients: Frost Park, chalk art, Molly Lewis, Chris Wright, turtles (and ninja-creating ooze), zombies, Obama, the Interrupting Kanye West meme, a discussion of McDonald’s pop culture (a la Pulp Fiction), dialogue [...]

My birthday present

I think this is quite probably the greatest birthday present I’ve ever received. It makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. ^_^ I was in a shit mood due to things going wrong today, too, until I saw this. Perked me right up and made my mood take a [...]

Vagina Dentata (and my new hat)

So yesterday, I had plans to hang out with James – aka aslanenlisted on YouTube, aka Adam (his given name, which I only list because I need to point out thatTHERE ARE TOO MANY ADAMS ON YOUTUBE!) – after he got off work. Unfortunately, he had to [...]

VlogTag: The Delayed Video of Doom

Mary Kate’s channel (which you should watch because she’s awesome) Music by The P.u.P.Phttp://www.myspace.com/thepupphttp://www.soundclick.com/thepupp If the soundclick link doesn’t work, try this [...]