Tacomapocalypse III: Stayin’ Alive

The third annual zombification of Adam the Alien. The Mayan apocalypse has come and gone, and Tacoma held the afterparty. Tacomapocalypse III: Stayin’ Alive, the third annual zombie-themed art show from Tacoma-based Treefish Studio, opened on Friday [...]

Kickstarting Shakespeare

As you may or may not already know, I’m part of a crew putting together  a new webseries called Cleanthony and the Caesars. Above, I talk a bit about it and show you the most recent trailer for the series. Below, you’ll find a video featuring [...]

My Regeneration

Taking a late night walk on my last night in Tacoma, and musing on everything from moving to how Doctor Who works as an allegory for painful life changes. Be sure to also check out the tumblr post I made about Doctor Who’s relevance to my life, [...]