Awards and Accolades


Golden Chalkie: Most Improved
2008 Frost Park Chalk-Off Retrospective Show

Best Filmmaker In Tacoma
The Weekly Volcano’s Super Best of Tacoma 2011

Golden Chalkie: Fan Favorite
Frost Park Awards & Art Show 2010


“Adam is the most dedicated video blogger I know of.” —Erik Anderson, Tacoma Urbanist [source]

“Adam the Alien is probably the coolest and most popular person I know. He is another one of those MILLION PROJECTS AT ONCE folk heroes I’ve come to admire over the years during my humble, hyper-local political cartooning service.” —R.R. Anderson, The Tacomic [source]

“He takes on minor catastrophes with a warped, yet strangely irresistible sense of humor, and he simply cannot go too long without a camera in his hand.” —Christopher Wood, The Weekly Volcano [source]

“Adam’s story is really inspirational to me. As someone who’s lived with depression in the past, I can relate to a lot of what’s in it.” —John Green, author & vlogger [source]

“I think Adam is a great filmographer. He’s got a great eye for angles, and he’s a pretty talented artist … awesome personality, down to Earth guy, very funny. He’s just excellent in that Bohemian way … Adam is pretty much the Mark Cohen of YouTube, in my opinion.” —Stephen J. LaZotte, Zotte Park [source]

“I love Adam’s videos because legitimately they make me laugh, but they also are so very intimate, like they feel like they are made specifically for you.” —Nina Swafford, blogger/vlogger [source]

“He continues to draw in new fans with an engaging presence and a wit as rapid-fire as his editing.” —Christopher Wood, The Weekly Volcano [source]

“Anytime I read his blogs or see his YouTube videos, it makes me feel so happy to know that I’m not completely and utterly alone in the world. He is my little bit of inspiration to keep going.” —impactedheart, Tumblr user [source]

“That Adam the Alien is one hoopy frood. He really knows where his towel is.” —Arthur40TwoDent, vlogger [source]

“What makes me happier than anything in the world is I can read Adam’s words in his voice. He writes like he speaks and it’s brilliant and wonderful and he’s got such a distinctive voice.” —Nina Swafford, blogger/vlogger [source]

“He’s a very artistic person. He’s a great artist, very underrated.” —Eric The Messikan, vlogger [source]

“His videos are awesome. You should check him out, please, I highly recommend it.” —Dome Woo, vlogger [source]

“His stuff is really quite engaging.” —Barry Aldridge, vlogger [source]

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