Tacoma Arts Commission

The Tacoma Arts Commission hired me in 2011 to help publicize their Spaceworks program. I worked closely with the client to film a number of events and interviews before ultimately producing four videos under the thematic guidelines they requested. During my time under contract with them, I was also asked to produce two commercials (a one-minute trailer and a 30-second television spot) promoting Tacoma’s Art at Work Month.

Art at Work

This minute-long video was created to be shown at Cheney Stadium during the halftime of a Tacoma Rainiers baseball game.

This 30-second television spot was adapted from the previous trailer. It was created specifically to be shown on the local Click! Cable TV Network. As it was encoded for television screens, not computer monitors, the video video embedded here may not display properly.


Chris Sharp & Jeremy Gregory

A fairly straightforward video, featuring an interview with two artists who shared a studio provided by the Spaceworks program. The challenge with this video was editing the interview down (both for time and for long pauses in answers) and keeping it interesting without having any additional footage to cut away to.

“Words” by James Sinding

This video focuses on an interactive art installation, itself a sequel to a similar project from the previous year. I interviewed the artist in his studio, filmed him as he worked, documented the project’s launch and acquired additional footage of the installation as it existed after the launch event.

Before and After

This video is the product of several months of filming, documenting the changes in a string of vacant spaces on Martin Luther King Jr. Way after the Spaceworks program got inside.

Installation Transition

This video focuses on 950 Pacific Avenue, covering the deconstruction of an outgoing art installation and the creation of its successor.

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