Election Day: Voting Matters

Several days before the election, I saw a photo pop up in my Facebook news stream. It was a photo of a woman burning her ballot at Occupy Portland’s #N3 Resist Austerity protest. Ballot-burning at Occupy Portland's Resist Austerity protest on [...]

Yoda was wrong

I really do feel that the “do or do not” idea is irresponsible to spread, as I feel it encourages the “failure is not an option” mentality. Without failure, we can’t learn. You can’t succeed without trying first. The [...]

The Deadliest Tag: Chapter Two

This video can be watched alone, all backstory is included within the story itself. However, the two videos I’m building off of with this story are pretty fun to watch. The Deadliest Tag (Chapter One) Sunday’s ExtravaganSAW The first of the above [...]