Adam the Alien: Season 05

We are Tacoma

For the last three months, I’ve been pretty heavily involved with Occupy Tacoma. It’s a movement I believe in, and a movement that I don’t think is going away anytime soon. Unfortunately, between my involvement in the movement, assorted [...]

Frost Park Holiday Special

Merry Chalkmas! The Frost Park Chalk-Offs normally occur from April through October, but we (and by “we” I mean Joel413) decided to have a special holiday edition this year. Due to the loss of my 28-year-old cousin just the night before, it turned [...]

Project for Awesome: Suicide

Below you can find a list of resources for help, whether you’re struggling with suicidal thoughts or urges yourself, you know someone who has taken their life and you’re trying to cope, or you’re worried that someone may be headed that way. [...]

Satan’s Dinner Party

  Makeshift Jane Cobb costume. (Photo by Abby Williamson) Happy Halloween, from all the attendees of Satan’s Dinner Party! MUSIC: Toccata and Fugue in D Minor by J.S. Bach, performed by Kevin MacLeod One-Eyed Maestro and Circus Tent by Kevin [...]

Occupy Tacoma

Occupy Tacoma initiated its first action eight days ago, on October 7, 2011. I went to this first march expecting no more than a couple dozen at most, a scattered handful being more likely. What I found, instead, was what The News Tribune reported to be [...]


Photo by Joel Larson The actual time it took to draw this out on the sidewalk in chalk was half an hour. Remember to vote for me to win King of the Web! Vote ten times a day, every single day. You get a bonus ten votes for every five days you use all your [...]