Adam the Alien: Season 05

Frost Park: Chalk Curiosity

The time lapsed creation of my chalk art tribute to the Mars Curiosity rover. Check the official event thread to see more pictures of all the artwork and find out who won. Music: Entire Universe by silky. Licensed under a Creative Commons CC-BY [...]

Iron Artist: Unconscious Undercurrent

MUSIC: Emergence by Bluemillenium (featuring Snowflake) Vote for your favorite Iron Artist Artwork by liking its photo on Facebook (ends August 17 at 5pm Pacific) Check out the Tacoma Art Museum MUSIC: Backed Vibes Clean by Kevin MacLeod Rumination by Kevin [...]

Frost Park: Glitter Bomb

Check out Destiny of the Gnome, the 2008 short film referenced in this video. To see photos from this week’s chalk-off, go to the official event thread. Some of the footage used here was shot by the amazing Kevin Freitas. Check out his [...]

Filled with PRIDE!

 Pride. It’s more than just a word. It’s more than just a catchy title used for movements and festivals. It’s a matter of recognizing one’s own identity, one’s true self, and deciding that there’s nothing to be ashamed of [...]

Frost Park: Light and Dark

Today was a bright, beautiful day in Tacoma – the perfect day for a chalk-off. The turnout at the 14th week of this year’s Frost Park Chalk-Off was as spectacular as the artwork. Check out my photos below, then go take a gander at the other photos [...]

My fire escape Fourth of July

I spent my Independence Day evening having a picnic on my building’s fire escape with my roommates, Shana and Tristy. The view overlooking downtown to the fireworks beyond was incredible, and the company was excellent. In between a lot of random [...]