Adam the Alien: Season 04

Zombie Tacomapocalypse

Back in February, there was a little event called the Zombie Tacomapocalypse. This video is long overdue. Remember, I’m competing in King of the Web, so please remember to vote ten times a day! LINKS: Treefish Studio Amocat Cafe Amocat Cafe on Facebook [...]

Life after The Rapture

Two days after The Rapture, what’s life like? See post-Rapture shenanigans involving Harold Camping’s clothes, Jesus, The Alien, Adam, Mary Sunshine, Jeff, White Jesus and JoJo the Dog (who I completely forgot to include in the credits, so just so [...]


Burrow? Barrow? Borough? Burro? Adam encounters some confusion with Paul and Skrufy whilst trying to get all metaphysical with his viewers. Paul and Skrufy appear courtesy of Norman Tweeter Productions. Music by Kevin [...]

Because I f***ing said so!

The adventures of Adam the Alien in Google Seattle! Behold the epic tale of the Seattle YouTube Partner Meetup, featuring The Templemans, Chris Bogdan, booshoe37, Josh Rimer, Onision and a highly dysfunctional camera. It was an absolute blast. Included below [...]

Cheese Puffs

Just a little improvised song about a tasty, artery-clogging snack food. Mmm, clogged arteries. Click here to download the [...]