Adam the Alien: Season 03

Adam’s third year of vlogging, currently in progress.

Onision is a PIMP

A thank you to all the new subscribers and a bit more footage with Onision from the Seattle YouTube Partner Meetup. If you haven’t already, be sure to check out Chris Bogdan (a.k.a. “Old ShayCarl”) and, of course, the pimp-tastic [...]

Vlogtag: Monday is on a creative high

Links in my extraterrestrial pants! Check out my other Dan 3.0 gathering video! Behold the glory that is Adam the Alien: The Webcomic in its temporary home! You were said hello to by… thedanc1nghawk themeangirl3 melissaIvory abberz07 Laura, my fellow [...]

Captain Manley and Shannancy’s Shanty

Back in June, I made a promise: I swore that if I won a certain Frost Park Chalk-Off, I’d use the prize – ten Spanish doubloon replicas and a Mayan calendar medallion – to make a pirate-themed video. Now, at last, the promise is fulfilled. I [...]

An alien goes to VidCon

This blog is currently under the control of Adam’s Canadian girlfriend, Shannancy. Muahahaha! As this is being written, I am sitting in Sea-Tac international airport, waiting to catch my 6:00 am flight to LA. I am dictating this blog, via cell phone, to [...]

Puppets at the Proctor Farmers’ Market

This video is the result of a perfect storm, of sorts. I was planning on going to the farmers’ market this morning, but I was delayed by the impending arrival of Jeff and John of Norman Tweeter Productions. While I was waiting for them to show up, [...]