[Vlogtag] Unedited Question Tuesday!

In which Nikki answers the questions Will and Kim posed last Thursday, and asks the following questions of everyone else: What is your favorite game of all time? What is your favorite show of all time? If you could live in any fictional world, what one would [...]

[Vlogtag] Thursday keeps the dream alive

In which Will and Kim ramble about nothing for 20 minutes and then upload a 3 minute video. EDIT FAIL: Helen and James, we spoke briefly about how cool your new place looked but Will lost it in the edit room floor somewhere. #editfail This is a late [...]

[Vlogtag] The Sundays’ Tour #LONDON2012

Hey everyone! It has been awesome to see so many of you this week. One of the biggest things we have done since our last update was move to a new city, so we thought we would give you a tour of our new house. We love you all! Helen is, as usual, your tour [...]

[Vlogtag] Monday’s Super Saturday

Well, being as I was barely home Sunday and Monday, this didn’t quite make it up in time. But it’s not really a Vlogtag video from me unless it’s claiming to be Monday even when it’s going up at least a bit into Tuesday. In case [...]