Frost Park Holiday Special

Merry Chalkmas! The Frost Park Chalk-Offs normally occur from April through October, but we (and by “we” I mean Joel413) decided to have a special holiday edition this year. Due to the loss of my 28-year-old cousin just the night before, it turned [...]

Project for Awesome: Suicide

Below you can find a list of resources for help, whether you’re struggling with suicidal thoughts or urges yourself, you know someone who has taken their life and you’re trying to cope, or you’re worried that someone may be headed that way. [...]

[Vlogtag] Catching up with Monday

Adam brings you up to speed after an absence from Vlogtag. Vote for me in King of the Web, and vote ten times every day! King of the Web main leaderboard King of the Web Vlog King leaderboard My latest video Check out Andy Glover’s awesomeness: Andy [...]