Doctor Who Review Delayed

If you’re here fresh from seeing today’s video, looking for my further thoughts on Doctor Who and the recent episode, Planet of the Dead, please check back tomorrow. There have been some snafus getting the text review up. With luck, it’ll go up in the morning before I head out of the house, and there’ll be another blog tomorrow night.

This post may or may not be deleted after the review is up.

If you haven’t seen today’s video yet, check it out.

*Sigh.* BEDA is proving a bit harder to keep up with than VEDA.

UPDATE: Okay, so this was where I officially failed at Blog Every Day April. I did, however, go on to successfully complete Vlog Every Day April. If you’re reading this blog in chronological order, you’ll find the next blogs to consist only of my videos. I may go back and write associated blog posts…eventually.




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