Best not trust this guy with your brains.
This isn't in the show. If you want to see the amazing artwork that is, you'll just have to show up at Amocat Cafe tonight.

The zombies cometh! Today from 4:30pm to 8:00pm, the undead shall roam the walls of Amocat Cafe. The Zombie Tacomapocalypse art show – put on by the fine folks at Treefish Studio – opens with a bang today, and runs all month. For more info, check out the nifty article that the Weekly Volcano wrote about the event.

And hey: anyone and everyone who shows up in costume tonight – be they zombies or Bruce effing Campbell – will be my personal hero. My personal heroes are all special people who I promise to kill quickly and painlessly when the end comes. The rest of you? Yeah, the rest of you I chuck at the zombies while I run away.

Be sure to tag tweets with #Tacomapocalypse if you’re the sort to go about summarizing the downfall of humanity in 140 characters or less. Which is really more characters than you’ll have time to come up with before you become lunch.

The Tacomapocalypse is here!

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