"A Dog and His Zed" by Adam the Alien. This artwork will be on display at Tacomapocalypse II.

With all the different end-of-the-world scenarios lately – we had two Raptures last year alone – it’s easy to forget that Tacoma had its own zombie apocalypse exactly one year ago.

A frightful mess of blood, gore and science gone awry, the Zombie Tacomapocalypse was a huge success for the mad, world-ending geniuses at Treefish Studio. An art show to end all art shows (not to mention the world itself), the first Tacomapocalypse was a thing of surprising beauty, and the launch party was just the shindig to send the world out on.

But, a year has passed and the world seems to have forgotten that it ended. So now – just like the Rapture – it’s happening for a second time: tonight, from 5pm-9pm, Tacomapocalypse II launches at Amocat Cafe.

Described as “a humorously macabre art show” by one of the open calls for arms art, this year’s Tacomapocalypse will feature live music by Gibson Starkweather, a mob of fully re-animated zombies, tasty snacks (including your own brain) and a horde of flesh-eating artwork depicting zombies, ghouls, The End of the World as We Know It™, Tacoma and possibly a dash of love. Because you just can’t bring the world to an end unless you love it enough to tenderly caress it as you stab it to death, re-animate it and set about fulfilling your evil, sadistic plans of doom and mayhem. [Editor’s Note: The end of the world may or may not contain actual love. Possible alternatives include sadistic infatuation and bloodlust.]

Though last year’s show failed to permanently end the world, 2012’s Tacomapocalypse II – predicted by the ancient Mayans long ago – is sure to stop the orbit of the Earth, freeze the sun solid and implode the very fabric of our reality.

And if not, there’s always next year.

Official Press Release:

Tacomapocalypse II, the second darkly humorous group art show hosted by Treefish Studio and Amocat Cafe, begins February 3rd, 2012 at Amocat Cafe, 625 St Helens Ave, Tacoma WA. Two- and three-dimensional art featuring apocalyptic themes by local artists present a bold alternative to the Valentine decor more commonly expected at this time of year.

Opening festivities begin at 5:00 PM, and will include snacks, additional artists on hand, live electronic music featuring Gibson Starkweather, a zombie horde, and other special features and shenanigans, to conclude around 9pm.

Tacomapocalypse II runs through February, and is viewable during Amocat’s regular winter hours of 7 to 2:30 Monday thru Friday, and during special events as they happen (Such as the monthly music events. See their page at AmocatCafe.com  for updates and further details.)

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