Dwarf Miner screencap

A screencap of Triston's debut game, Dwarf Miner.

Dwarf Miner screencap
A screencap of Triston's debut game, Dwarf Miner.
A drawing of Triston's Minecraft alter-ego
A drawing of Triston's Minecraft alter-ego. Does a drawing of an in-game persona count as a a self-portrait?

Triston Hopkins is an aspiring video game developer. Most people just play games, but Triston analyzes them and seems to feel a need to know what makes them tick.

As a friend, I’ve watched Triston slave for hours and days learning – through the art of self-teaching – and perfecting some new aspect of game mechanics and programming inspired by whatever we were just playing. What to me seems a bit of fun, idle distraction becomes an obsession and even an art to Triston.

Bundle In A Box, a pay-what-you-want gaming bundle that helps launch new games, has launched The Indie Dev Grant to support independent game developers in their ventures. Triston’s game-in-progress, Dwarf Miner, is an entrant.

The Indie Dev Grant is given to the game designer who receives the most votes on the official poll on the Kyttaro Games website. I’d like to make Triston that person.

Triston is a great friend and has been incredibly helpful and patient with me in a number of things. I’d love it if – with your help – I could repay that a bit by helping Dwarf Miner win this grant. You can play a mini-demo of Dwarf Miner at stencyl.com. The game is Triston’s first, and it still has a lot of work to be done. But it’s already, as far as I’m concerned, well worth your vote.

Voting does not require registration, and you need only vote once. In fact, you should only vote once. The contest started yesterday, and the fine folks at Kyttaro Games and Bundle In A Box already had to reset the votes and restructure the voting to eliminate people who were gaming the system. While I want Triston and Dwarf Miner to win, I want that win to be honest. So please, do not cheat. Vote once, then encourage your friends to vote, too. Make sure every vote is backed up by a real, living person.

Vote for Dwarf Miner to win the Indie Dev Grant!

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