Hello, The Future!


Adam attends a show by the one-woman band Hello, The Future in Portland, Oregon. The bourbon is bourbony, the past meets the present (to see a band named for the future), and the world gets a little bit smaller.

On May 29th, I saw Hello, The Future perform at Shaker and Vine in Portland. I first met Nicole, the one member of her one-woman band, in the summer of 2011, at Vidcon‘s extra Industry Day. Sadly, I didn’t see her perform her music live at Vidcon, and I’ve managed to miss every opportunity to see her perform since. Until now, that is. And I got to experience a small world moment as a bonus.

You can pre-order Hello, The Future’s new album, Giant Robot Album, which officially releases on June 25th, right now. Pre-ordering gets you three tracks right away, and the rest of the album on the release date. And in the meantime, you can watch the entire Portland show, in all its unedited glory, right here:


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