On Valentine’s Day, a mother’s love reminds us what’s important


An important perspective on love to keep in mind this Valentine’s Day.

My friend Liz is a sweetheart. She really is.

When I say that Liz is a sweetheart, I mean she is a warm soul who reaches out into the world with kindness and compassion. She exudes love in both the large and the small ways she interacts with the world around her. So it should come as no surprise that this year, she’s brought to life one of the most heartfelt Valentine’s Day videos I’ve ever seen.

In her latest video, Liz brings us a tale of love told by her mother. We hear the words of a concerned and caring mother as she comes to understand her daughter, and the different ways in which they’ve viewed the world. It’s an incredible story of love, one which I think could melt the sturdiest of hearts…providing they were open to hearing the message. It’s also a reminder that even as children learn from their parents, parents can still learn a great deal from their children.

On Valentine’s Day, it’s easy to get swept away by commercialized oversimplification of love. We’re pressured into focusing not only on romantic love, but on a very specific flavor of romantic love that just doesn’t suit everyone well. In this video, I think Liz manages to embody the greater ideals of what love really is. It’s more than just the words said; the very feel of the video itself exudes love in the same manner Liz herself does.

It’s important to remember that there’s more to love than just what the Hallmark cards and candy hearts tell us. And it’s important to remember how much better the world can be when we express our love openly and honestly at every opportunity. This video reminds me of that. Liz reminds me of that.

So thank you, Liz, for spreading love in the world.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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