A reading of “Fifteen Years”


An unedited reading of Adam’s “Fifteen Years”.

I’ve made no secret, over the years, about my struggles with suicidal urges. Recently, I wrote a piece describing how I was delayed, and the moment I decided to live. In the video below, I attempt to read the account on camera. It’s long, unedited, emotional, and was difficult to get all the way through. I definitely stumbled, and unintentionally altered or skipped some minor spots.

I recorded the video not long after I finished writing the text version. I’d hoped to post them at the same time, but the video took too long to upload. As a result, I referenced Kate Spade in the introduction, but not Anthony Bourdain, who died by suicide after the video was already done.

I am not a medical expert. I can only speak to my own experiences. There are further resources below.


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