Frost Park

Frost Park Finale

  See the related thread on Music:Everything is Ending by Chameleon Circuit. Some of the photos below are courtesy Darkain Multimedia. Photo by Darkain Multimedia Photo by Darkain Multimedia Photo by Adam J. Manley Photo by Darkain [...]

Vlogbrothers reach 1,000 videos

As I prepared to head out to the 24th week of the Frost Park Chalk-Off’s fifth year, I began my Friday, September 14th, by watching Hank Green commemorate 1,000 Vlogbrothers videos. Adam and Hank Green display 'The Guide to Nerdfighting' at [...]

Frost Park: Chalk Curiosity

The time lapsed creation of my chalk art tribute to the Mars Curiosity rover. Check the official event thread to see more pictures of all the artwork and find out who won. Music: Entire Universe by silky. Licensed under a Creative Commons CC-BY [...]