YouTube and Copyright

Adam recounts his experience with three major record labels claiming his rendition of Silent Night via YouTube's content ID, and everything that happened afterward. [...]

Vlogbrothers reach 1,000 videos

As I prepared to head out to the 24th week of the Frost Park Chalk-Off’s fifth year, I began my Friday, September 14th, by watching Hank Green commemorate 1,000 Vlogbrothers videos. Adam and Hank Green display 'The Guide to Nerdfighting' at [...]

Why I need your help

Greetings! I’m here to ask you to democratically elect this extraterrestrial as your monarch! That…that makes sense, right? No? Okay, here’s the deal: I’m competing in the King of the Web Contest. My chances, are slim, especially as [...]

Fare thee well, sidebar

The sidebar is officially dead. A long-standing tradition and frequent in-joke of YouTube culture, the side-mounted video description has been suffering a slow, prolonged death for some time. Nevertheless, I was shocked when I went to watch my friend [...]