A Stream of Thought: A Reason for Everything


The importance of self-examination.

There is a reason for everything. Everything we do, everything we say, everything we think. When people say that there’s no reason for why they do something, enjoy something, or believe something, it is only because they do not know the reason. Or, at the very least, they do not know how to explain it.

Thus can everyone benefit from analyzing themselves. Not being analyzed by someone else, be they family, friend, or therapist. After all, it is far too likely that some aspect of oneself will always be hidden from such people. No mortal knows any individual so much as the individual themselves. Therefore, the individual must analyze themselves.

Analyzing oneself is not always easy, of course. But it is done by many. It may take on other names, other forms. An inner journey. A spiritual quest. Meditation. Whatever the method, whatever the name, it is all truly the same thing. A person seeks to find who they are, where they fit in the grand scheme of things, and perhaps if there even is a grand scheme. They are discovering things about themselves they may not have previously known. Hopefully, they are discovering the motives, the logic, the thinking behind their actions or, better, their thoughts.

This may sound strange, finding the thinking behind thoughts. But that is exactly what it is. Often unbeknownst to the individual, the subconscious is flooding the mind with millions of thoughts, which then lead to the conscious thoughts, the thoughts they know they are having. The subconscious has more control over thoughts, beliefs, and actions than most realize. Or, perhaps, more than they want to realize.

Fear is a prime example. There is nothing so utterly silly as a fear with no precedent. People constantly fear things which have never brought them personal harm. Things that have never caused their loved ones harm. Yet still the fears exist, like some race memory embedded into the DNA. Some fear the dark, seeing images of monsters, murderers, wild animals, or other things. Their conscious mind knows there’s nothing there in the shadows that isn’t there in the light, yet still the darkness is frightening. The subconscious is saying something. But what? Ah, this is what the individual must find for themselves.

An even better example is the fear of the opposite sex. Race memory, instincts, cannot be blamed for such a thing. It is in a human’s instincts to procreate, be it for pleasure or simple survival of the species. The subconscious, for many, weighs things out, then sends the results to the conscious mind, which chooses to talk to a crush or flee from them. For each individual, this subconscious process is different. Therefore each individual must find the process themselves.

The only way to improve any situation, to overcome one’s fears and doubts, is to be aware of the reason behind everything. People cannot seek to understand others, to understand the reasons behind the universe, until they understand their own reasons. For there is a reason for everything. But those who remain unaware of their own reasons are nothing. They are no more than pawns of fate.

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