Local ‘screamo’ quintet admits cliché


A look at local screamo band Reclaim the Fallen.

A mixture of sounds both familiar and distinctly unique, Reclaim the Fallen could not have picked a better title for their debut EP, “Cliché While Still Captivating.”

“We chose that because there are a lot of bands that are our style of music, but we’re trying to stand out and be captivating,” said guitarist Grant Blomdahl.

Reclaim the Fallen has been together for a year and two months. Their EP, released last September, consists of five tracks which remind the listener vaguely of a host of other bands, yet retains an undeniable originality.

The “Where have I heard that before?” effect is sure to catapult them to success. The familiar feel makes their music easy to begin listening to, moving them past the crucial barrier many would-be music fans erect against anything new. Once in, however, their music refuses to pass quietly into the night, the notes and lyrics finding a firm grip in the mind.

According to Blomdahl, the five man “screamo” band finds this sound in an open process of collaboration.

“It’s really a group effort,” said Blomdahl. “One of us will have an idea, like a riff, then we start throwing all our ideas together.”

(Left to right) Grant Blohmdahl, Joel Morton, and brothers Judah, Jeremiah and “Duck” Leary are Reclaim the Fallen.

The band has spoken with several labels based in Tennessee, but for now continues to handle the sale of their albums on their own. They are currently in the process of creating a new album, which they hope to begin recording fairly soon. Blomdahl projects that their sophomore effort will release in September.

Until then, “Cliché While Still Captivating” can be purchased online via iTunes or the band’s web page. In addition to CDs, the web page offers T-shirts, streaming sample songs, and links to each of the band members’ MySpace pages. For those uncomfortable with purchasing items online, the album is also available at the band’s shows.

Reclaim the Fallen performing on stage.

Reclaim the Fallen will be performing at Rock ‘N’ Roll Pizza (11140 SE Powell Boulevard) on Saturday, Feb. 11 as part of a cystic fibrosis benefit show. The event, which is open to all ages, begins at 7 p.m. and costs $8.

This article was originally published in The Clackamas Print.

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