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Adam looks at the beauty in texting, our modern cultural equivalent to what letter writing once was.

Texts are our modern letters. Look at yours, and see what’s worth preserving.

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Hello, Earthlings. I’m nearing the end of my journey. I’m currently in Los Angeles, and I was just reflecting on something.

Weeks ago, maybe longer, I was having a difficult time. My anxiety was high, I was feeling like I didn’t know what I was doing, being out roving the country.

So I sent out a text to some friends saying that I needed help and asking for happy thoughts.

The texts I received were amazing. They were beautiful. They were the stuff you’d expect to read in old letters. And that made me realize that texts and Facebook messages and tweets, these are oftentimes our letters now, in an age where we don’t even e-mail as much.

The unfortunate side effect of this is that we lose out on those records, ’cause these things often vanish into the ether. Especially texts. And I wanted to save these.

I wanted to save them the way you save old letters. So that someday, someone generations down the line might discover them and go, “Wow! This is history. This is family history, this is cultural history.”

I also wanted to save them because they were just so special to me, and so heartfelt. And I was reminded of a New Year’s resolution that I made years ago, that I haven’t kept to since, to preserve compliments and positivity in my life. To preserve the things that made me feel good. So that’s what this is.

From Emily, back on the farm:

Hugs! I’m sorry. I’m struggling for my own at the moment. Let’s see…just breathe. It will pass. You’re on an amazing adventure, and part of every great adventure has highs and lows. You are doing great! And the good news is that I will be here when you get home!! I miss you!

From David, who began this journey with me:

My dear friend Adam. Life may be strange at times, but it’s just a ride. Be the observer of it all. You are not the emotion but a beautiful kind and inspiring person. I hope this will bring a smile. You’re one of the most amazing beings I have ever met, and certainly the strongest. You have a way of bringing a smile to everyone’s faces even if you yourself are feeling the feels. I miss you man. So much, and I’m always with you in spirit. It’s a little challenging to lift someone up through text, but I try. If all else fails:

Today there are so many wonderful things happening. The sun is shining, the birds are singing, someone’s getting married while others are falling in love. Someone is dreaming the most amazing dream while others are sleeping the most restful sleep. Someone may be seeing, hearing, or feeling for the first time. Count your blessings, for Life is beautiful and it’s all about where you put your attention.I hope this helped in some way. And if still you feel the feels: climb a tree or better, be silly. I send all my love.

From my partner, Shaun:

Oh noes! Thoughts of happy: when you get the window seat on a crowded bus, when a hazy sun and a cool breeze wakes you early in the morning, when you instantly click with someone you just met, when you have a damn fine meal and it’s exactly what you needed at that moment, the romance of having literally no plans and letting the day guide however it will, the romance of knowing that there is someone thousands of miles away admiring and thinking about you.

From Sylvia, another friend who began this journey with me:

Today a butterfly landed on my toe while I was making guacamole at a picnic table. It stayed there the whole time, and even flew around us while we ate. You are an incredible person, who I am so incredibly thankful to have met. I miss you…a lot, actually. It’s harder then I thought, being away from you and David and Emily and Taylor…you guys are my family and I love you to the moon and back. I know it gets tough sometimes. I’ve been feeling it too. But you’re stronger than you think. And I am too. I know we are. Don’t give up. Not on life, not on yourself. You’re golden. A golden beautiful sunflower. Not your dusty skin of grime, But human, glowing, kind, dear friend of mine who I cherish. I love you. Have faith. It will pass.s Like storm clouds blown across the sky. Even when you forget, remember, you are never ever forgotten.

I hope you guys found at least a fraction of the beauty, and joy, and positivity in this that I did. Because I think that this is the kind of thing we need to share more, in life. And this is the kind of thing we need to preserve more. So that’s a challenge I am issuing to you: when you get texts like this, e-mails, Facebook messages, whatever…save them. And if you feel comfortable doing so, share them.

And if you can remember anything like that right now, in this moment, something from your past, and you feel like you want to share it? I invite you to do so.

I hope to see a lot of positivity in the comments below. And if you don’t feel like posting, that’s okay. I just hope that your day has been lovely. And I hope that someone thinks to send you things like this. And if they haven’t? Ask. Because I’m sure there are wonderful people in your life, willing to share thoughts, and images, and feelings like this with you. But sometimes you do need to ask. Until next time, I’m Adam the Alien. Fare thee well.


I call the poem “The Universe Isn’t Subtle (A Literal Metaphor in Real Time”. I take the things that hold me back and cast them to the fire. I sit in the circle and watch them burn to drums that never tire.

I made a New Year’s resolution to write down, whether publicly on Tumblr or something or privately just kind of for my own thing, I write down every compliment I get. Or at least every compliment that really impacts me.

Because he still gave me a great story. Something inspiring, something uplifting, with a message that I love: smile!

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