Skirting Portland


The Instagram picture that served as a sort of coming out:

Today’s #OOTD isn’t just #fashion. This is a side of myself I’ve been coming to terms with, a side that I still feel an instinctive push to hide from the world, out of fear. Last night, spending a power outage hanging out with the farm’s work traders, I wound up borrowing a skirt. It felt good, not only because the skirt, which I chose to wear again today, is particularly fun and swishy…but because it felt like I wasn’t hiding anymore. I’ve been fairly open about being #genderqueer, with the sublabel #genderfluid being the closest to accurate, but I haven’t had the courage to be nearly so obvious about it. I don’t talk that much about it, and there are certain types of expression I’ve been slow to allow for myself. But I feel damn pretty in this skirt, and I’m hoping I’ll have the courage to continue this, to express who I am without the gnawing fear that was bullied into my consciousness when I was young and figuring out who I would become. #courage #progress #becomingmyself #AdamTheAlien

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My outfit from this video:


  • History by Dr. Noise. You can find the track on his latest album, Shadows.
  • My theme song is Pluto Vs. Neptune by Driftless Pony Club. You can buy their albums from DFTBA Records.


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