Trampoline Poetry


Adam reads a new poem, freshly written, from the trampoline he wrote it on.

I’m still not sure what to title this poem, so make some suggestions in comments! Right now, the best I can manage is something like “Untitled Writing Circle Poem #2”. Yeah, that’s right: I still need to think of a title for something I wrote a day or two before I wrote this one. Whoops. 😀

Untitled Writing Circle Poem #2

We sit in a place which should not exist
In the wide world outside children’s dreams
And yet, the true reality still persists:
We are here, arriv’d through diff’rent streams

A wardrobe, a bookcase, a crack in the wall,
By no matter which method we came here
We all have come forth, found our souls bared to all,
And in doing so, faced the heart’s true fear

A trampoline sits in a magical glade,
In a forest of golden-green hue
We sit on its surface, in mighty trees’ shade,
As I’m telling this story to you

Look, there! On the hilltop! A magical elf!
There he goes! Now you’ve missed him! He’s gone!
But oh, if you’d seen, you’d be awestruck yourself
It’s a priv’lege to sight forest-faun

I move to a patter I hear in my head
And the birds o’er the rainbow respond
As we sit here, our souls bared, our skins we do shed
And in laughter and silence we bond

The wind, all enchanted, it blows through the leaves
And brings with it the smell of great wonders
It whispers faint secrets, and brings some reprieve
From the mem’ries of life’s ancient blunders

We inhale adventure, taste passion, speak bliss
As our minds wander far and away
We give ourselves o’er to sweet Gaia’s pure kiss
And with childlike entrancement we play

Tap into the child now, that magic within you,
Then look at the magic without
The world’s full of wonder you lost as you grew,
And became so concerned with your clout

Adults are respectable, so we believe,
We suppress our true selves to attain that
As we turn our stiff backs, it’s our childhood that grieves,
For we’ve let magic’s heartbeat go “BEEEP!” — flat

But the worlds are still there, all the gardens and seas
That you dreamed yourself in long ago
And when fin’ly opportunity you should seize
You will find that they’re just a stone’s throw

Give in to the feelings of pure fascination!
Immerse in that wonder once more!
Ask seventeen questions for each revelation!
Look up at the world from the floor!

And When, without shame, you proclaim your true self
In the mirror as well as out loud
You’ll come back to this place, back to forest and elf,
And you’ll find that lost child smiling proud

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