Adam talks about corn and farm life in his first 60-second mini-vlog.

[Edit: As noted in the second mini-vlog, recorded the next day, I don’t actually know what I’m talking about when I talk about the corn.]

Behold, my first Instagram mini-vlog! It’s especially challenging because Instagram limits videos to just one minute, and as anyone whose seen most of my stuff knows, I’m bad at restraining myself to short video lengths.

I’m starting these mini-vlogs to reinvigorate my creative drive and get back into the swing of vlogging imperfectly. The distractions of life, some sad realities of the world around us, and perfectionism have all made vlogging increasingly harder for me to do. So here’s me, letting go and just doing it. And I didn’t even need Shia LaBeouf to yell at me.


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